25 Stylish Ikea Fintorp hacks for every room

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably be familiar with my Ikea Fintorp herb pots that hang on the wall in my kitchen. 

Credit: Luckyplot13

I did have real herbs in them at one point but of course they all died because I’m useless, so now they just have faux plants in (also from Ikea). 

They make a great talking point, and what I love about the Fintorp range is that there really is no end to their uses, you can literally use them in every room! Read on for some of my favourites…

Herb holders/indoor gardens

Credit: Spagletti
credit: Ikea
Credit: Design Hunter LA

Handy Charging Station for Any Room

Credit: Polka Dots In the Country

In the Kitchen

A handy pasta making station! I can’t personally imagine having the time or energy to make my own pasta, but I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who do…

Credit: Ikea
Credit: Ikea

22thepenthouse has used the Fintorp system to display their gorgeous copper kitchen utensils within easy reach of their stove. Pretty and practical!

Credit: 22thepenthouse
Credit: Ikea
Credit: Darahartmanceramics

What a fab way to organise fruit. Did you know that storing bananas in the same bowl as other fruit makes it ripen and go off quicker? This would be an ideal way to keep it all together while preventing that problem.

I might have to try it in my kitchen, maybe as a snack station with other healthy snacks included.

Cridet: Elizabeth Rago / Inside Shopper

Ikea taking fruit storage one step futher by making a gorgeous seasonal display. You could adapt this all year round to keep it relevant with seasonal flowers and fruit. Love love love!

Credit: Ikea


Credit: Meaningfulspaces.com

Stop right there. This next idea by Love Create Celebrate is giving me life! It’s officially down on my list as my next project, although I think I might use MDF and magnetic chalkboard paint rather than a metal sheet.

Credit: LoveCreateCelebrate


This is a great idea for a coat rack featured on A Cup of Jo . You can easily change the number of hooks to suit how many coats you need to hang, and the baskets are handy for keeping gloves and other accessories in order.

Credit: A Cup of Jo

Craft Room / Play Room

Credit: Unskinny Boppy
Credit: Jessie Fincham
Credit: Jessie Fincham
Credit: The Sweatman Family

Kids Bedroom

Mrslucys_no4 has sprayed her Fintorp gold to make a handy storage system above the desk in her daughter’s beautiful bedroom. I am definitely pinching this idea for my daughters room to store her stationery, and maybe even for all her little toys too (shopkins, num noms etc etc!).

Credit: Mrslucys_no4


Credit: 1bp

Bedroom/Dressing Room

Such a clever way to display all your favourite accessories in your dressing area. Beats having to empty out your whole wardrobe to find that pair of shoes for a night out (surely it can’t just be me that does that?!)

Credit: Ikea
Credit: Ikea
Credit: Ikea


Credit: Corail_deco
Credit: Ikea

That’s it for now folks, I hope this post has left you feeling inspired.Without further ado I’m off to buy a ton of Fintorp to put all over my house (I’m only half joking!)

Love Frankie x

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