Unicorn Themed Birthday Party on a Budget

Read on to find out how I created a unicorn birthday party for my daughter and 10 friends!

Why a Unicorn Theme?

My daughter had a million and one different ideas for her 9th birthday party this year. She had been talking about it regularly pretty much her last birthday party finished, and each idea seemed to get wilder and more expensive as the months went by.

6 weeks before her birthday I decided it was time to sit down and plan it properly, so she chose some of her favourite ideas and we researched them further. Most of them involved party packages at various (eye wateringly expensive) places, all except the last one which specified ‘unicorn party’ and nothing more.

Now I’m normally all for keeping the kids’ birthday parties and their associated mess and chaos out of my home, but after 11 years of parenting I had started to get a little tired of people not sending their RSVPs. Generally when you book a party package you must pay for the number of children that you book for. Meaning if some don’t bother turning up when you’ve saved a space for them, you’re literally throwing your money away. And I HATE wasting money. So this year I decided to risk it, and host the entire party at our house. I say risk it because my daughter and her friends are wild. They are a girl gang consisting of about 12 very loud, strong willed, individual characters, and they like to party hard. When I look at them all together I can picture with absolute clarity the carnage they’re going to cause once they’re 18 and hitting the town together. The image is both wonderful and terrifying in equal measure. Anyway, I digress.


So the venue had been chosen, and of course it was free (hurrah!), so the next step was to plan the decorations. It turns out finding and making unicorn themed stuff is pretty easy.

I found most of the items we needed on eBay

The first thing I ordered was these big paper Pom Pom’s. I bought them from here choosing the pink and white colour option and they cost £3.49. They arrived all folded up in a pack of 10 assorted sizes. It took me about 30 minutes to fold them all out and hang them up.

tissue paper pom poms

I also ordered a rose gold happy birthday balloon banner like this one. These come deflated in a little packet and you inflate them manually with a little straw. Unfortunately I accidentally poked a hole in the letter A so couldn’t use the word happy, but I think it worked fine using just birthday.

The balloons were super cheap from Poundworld. On the day I bought a bunch of gypsophilia from Aldi and split it between several jam jars and arranged them on the table.

birthday balloon banner


With the decorations sorted, I needed to think of ways to entertain the girls during the party.

My daughter was desperate for a bouncy castle, and I managed to find a company via this local Facebook page who was able to supply a Unicorn castle for the day for around £50.

Aside from the bouncy castle, I decided classic simple party games with a twist were the way forward. I ordered ‘pin the horn on the unicorn’ from eBay, and used sweets as the prizes for musical statues and pass the parcel. I also bought some unicorn photo props from eBay as a little extra to create some fun photo memories.

Party games - pin the horn on the unicorn

unicorn photo props

Unicorn Food

I purposely planned the party so it didn’t fall at a mealtime, and that way I would only need to provide snacks rather than a full spread.

My daughter and I used candy melts like these ones from Hobbycraft and 100s & 1000s to create ‘unicorn poop’, and served these along with Mr Kipling unicorn slices and pink iced cupcakes from the supermarket.

We also used our chocolate fountain with fruit for dipping.

I gave my partner responsibility for buying the cake. Unfortunately he was unable to find a unicorn cake, so brought home a plain iced one topped with sweets and I quickly whipped up a horn and eyes out of icing. The next day I went to our nearest supermarket and they had a whole shelf full of unicorn cakes! Typical!

To save on washing up I ordered baby pink paper plates and cups from eBay like these ones

Unicorn Barkunicorn birthday cake

Party Favours

Instead of traditional party bags, I bought glass bottles from Home Bargains and filled them with sweets. My daughter was SO excited about these and couldn’t wait to hand them out to her friends.

unicorn party favours party bags

On the day of the party, to everyone’s dismay we woke up to torrential rain! I considered cancelling the bouncy castle, but the other mums said a bit of rain wouldn’t hurt anyone and they didn’t mind sending their girls in old clothes with a spare towel. I wasn’t quite so sure how my house would fare in the presence of so much mud!

Fortunately the rain miraculously stopped just before the party and in the end the day was a great success. The girls spent most of their time on the bouncy castle so it was definitely money well spent!

In fact it went so well, I decided to have my older daughters birthday party at home the following month 🙂

Frankie x

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