Garden Makeover: Pallet Sofa

My Pallet Sofa

I get a lot of questions about my pallet sofa on Instagram. It was so easy to do and cost us next to nothing! When renovating our garden, we wanted to keep the budget as low as possible. A pallet sofa seemed like the obvious choice!
Pallet sofaPallet sofaPallet sofaPallet sofaPallet sofa

Finding Pallets

Initially, I looked on local Facebook selling pages and gumtree for pallets. I couldn’t find any being given away for free, most were being sold for around £4 per pallet. It seemed silly to pay for pallets when they are essentially just waste packaging, so my OH agreed to go and ask around local businesses to see if they had any spare.
He went to our nearest retail park and lucky for us was able to secure some free pallets from a tile store.
Most of the pallets they had were 80x120cm euro pallets, so he selected 9 of the best ones of that size.

Prepping the pallets

We used an electric detail sander to sand down the pallets. Then I painted them using leftover country oak decking stain.
Sanding pallets

Creating the sofa

I built the sofa on our decking, to fit under the pergola.
I put 2 pallets down flat next to each other, then another at the end at a right angle. Some of the pallets were in better condition than others, so I tried to put the worst ones at the bottom. I then placed another pallet on top of each of these. To create the back rests, I stood pallets up on their long edge behind.
Pallet sofaPallet sofaPallet sofa
I haven’t actually fixed the pallets together. They are just wedged into place between the pergola legs and fence, which gives me the option to move them around into different layouts if needed.
I may at some point fix the back rests to the seat using angle brackets, but I’m not 100% decided yet.


When I began looking into seat pads for pallet sofas, I discovered that they were pretty pricey. Buying enough ready made cushions to cover the whole thing would have almost cancelled out the money we had saved by making a pallet sofa!
There are a lot of different options for making your own pallet sofa pads. Some people buy foam and cover it themselves, which is cheaper than buying ready made but the foam is still quite pricey. Some people use old foam mattresses, dog beds, duvets, old sofa cushions to keep the cost as low as possible.
For now, I have used old covered duvets as the seat pads. When dressing the pallet sofa I drape several throws over the top, and pile a load of cushions and pillows against the back rest.
The kids and I find it really comfy. My OH and my mum don’t find it quite so comfortable and I think this is down to them having slim bony bums 😂
I will probably invest in some proper foam pads next summer.
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