How to make personalised iced biscuits

Create your own personalised iced biscuits

I had some people round for an Instagram related meeting recently, and I really wanted some personalised iced biscuits for the occasion.

As much as I love beautifully fancy iced ones like the pictures below, my time scale and budget just didn’t stretch that far. So I decided to have my own designs printed on to icing, and added them to biscuits instead to make my own personalised biscuits.

Watercolour iced biscuits from Honeywell bakesCredit: Honeywell Bakes
Iced watermelon biscuits from Honeywell bakesCredit: Honeywell Bakes
Baby shower cloud biscuits from Honeywell bakesCredit: Honeywell Bakes

Creating My Designs

Now I may be ok at DIY, but I’m no artist or graphic designer. I wanted the images on my biscuits to have a pretty watercolour floral effect, and that’s not something I’d know how to do myself on the computer!

Search google, and you will see there are many free graphics available to download for personal use.

I searched for “free watercolour flowers” and found some beautiful ones by Angie Makes. I downloaded them and added my instagram/blog name Lucky Plot 13 to one of them using an app called Spark Post.

Personalised biscuit design


After googling, I came across My Cupcake Toppers. You can upload your own designs onto their website and have them printed onto icing or rice paper. There are a couple of different websites offering this service. I chose this one because they offer an express dispatch service, and they allow you to have different designs in the same batch. They were also very reasonably priced. I had a sheet of 12 printed on icing.

Applying the toppers to the biscuits

My personalised icing toppers arrived carefully packaged just in time for the meeting. They were pre cut, so all I needed to do was put them in the oven for a few minutes, then carefully lift them off the sheet.

They would probably have been best placed on a thin layer of buttercream icing on top of each biscuit. Unfortunately I didn’t have any icing sugar (school girl error). Instead, I used a little water to wet the back of each topper and gently smoothed them on to rich tea biscuits.

I think they turned out quite well, what do you reckon? If you liked this post, you will also enjoy reading all about how to create a unicorn themed party on a budget.

personalised iced biscuitswatercolour flower bisuitspersonalised iced biscuits

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