5 Creative Ways to Display Fresh Flowers, plus my review of PrestigeFlowers.co.uk

I adore fresh flowers. I don’t buy them very often, but when I do it makes such a different to the feel of my home. (Note to self: drop more not so subtle hints to my other half to buy me them more often!)

Recently Prestige Flowers sent me their beautiful ‘Paris’ bouquet from their luxury range to review on my blog. Silly me forgot to warn my OH, and on the day they arrived he happened to be home from work before me. I returned home to a beautiful big Prestige Flowers box, and a very bemused OH who wanted to know who my secret admirer was. LOL.

My flowers had been carefully wrapped and placed in a sleek black gift bag along with some tasty chocolate truffles, a little card, and detailed care instructions.

I was impressed with how full the bouquet was, especially given how reasonably priced it is compared to other flower retailers I’ve used in the past. It contained a combination of roses, lillies, and eucalyptus among other varieties. I particularly loved the addition of eucalyptus, it is so on trend at the moment and looked beautiful next to the dusky pink memory lane roses.

fresh flowers from prestige flowersfresh flowersfresh flowers bouquet of roses lillies and eucalyptus

Six days on and my bouquet was still looking amazing, so I decided to have a little faff and split it to try out different ways of displaying the flowers.

Display in a variety of different vases grouped together

Use different sized vases/pots for more variety. Great for a table centre piece or to display on a shelf or desk.

Place in wall mounted planters

I used my Ikea Fintorp system, but you could easily make your own rustic version by fixing jam jars to a wooden plank.

fresh flowers displayed in ikea fintorp

Place in a basket

This gives a lovely country feel to the flower display. The basket pictured is from Jysk and came as part of a 2 pack. Make sure you keep the flowers in water in a vase, then put the whole thing in the basket.

Fresh flowers in basket

Use household items

I often use this watering can to display flowers. Other ideas include wellies or boots for a really quirky country garden vibe, lanterns, or tealight holders like this one from Matalan.

Press and frame them!

Finally, once your bouquet is coming to the end of its best life, preserve them for ever by pressing them. Click here for a helpful tutorial

These flowers would look lovely dried and displayed on brown paper.

Caring for your flowers

To help make fresh cut flowers last longer, follow these useful tips:

  • Cut the end of the stems at an angle before placing into water
  • Remove any leaves that sit below the water line
  • Some flowers, such as my favourite memory lane roses, have guard petals around the flower. These can sometimes look a little brown around the edges. When arranging your bouquet, gently remove these to help your rose open fully and to improve the appearance
  • Replace the water daily
  • Cut the end of the stems again every couple of days
  • Prune your bouquet regularly, removing any dead foliage or flower heads
  • Place your bouquet away from direct sunlight, heat, drafts and fruit

Click here to shop the Paris bouquet from Prestige flowers, or here to view their beautiful birthday range.

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