Louie’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

It’s less than two months until my youngest, Louie, turns two, and I’ve found myself looking back nostalgically at his first birthday cake smash photos. I can’t believe how different he looks and how much he has grown!

I had initially been unsure whether or not to book a cake smash shoot. However having already had a maternity and newborn photoshoot, I decided I may as well go the whole hog and round Louie’s first year off with a cake smash and splash! I reasoned that if nothing else, we would at least end up with some images to embarrass him with on his 18th birthday (LOL). One thing that helped me to decide was reading about other babies’ cake smash experiences, so I thought it would be nice to share ours too.


We returned to the amazing  Serenade Photography shortly before Louie turned 1. A week or so before the shoot I sent the photographer some inspo images that I had found on Pinterest to give an idea of the sort of look I wanted for the photos. I was torn between a rustic, autumnal feel or a pastel blue and white theme to coordinate with his newborn photoshoot images. In the end I decided to go with the blue, with a possible addition of stars or clouds.

I also needed a new outfit for Louie to wear for the pre-cake photos. For some ridiculous reason I left it until the day before the shoot to go shopping, then really struggled to find something suitable to fit with the theme! I was on my way home when I popped into Matalan as a last ditch attempt, and fortunately they actually had the perfect outfit in stock.

The Cake Smash and Splash Shoot

When we arrived at the studio the photographer showed us the backdrop that she had created for the photos. It was perfect! She had even handmade lots of fluffy hanging clouds and stars the previous weekend to fit in with the theme I wanted.

First we had family photos taken of my OH, Louie and I in various combinations. I really like the simple, classic look of these images and it’s nice to actually have decent photos with me in them for a change as usually I’m the one behind the camera.

Daddy and son black and white photography
Mum and baby black ad white photography
Black and white family photo

Next it was Louie’s turn by himself. First he had a few photos in his new outfit, then it was time to undress him for the cake!

I really wasn’t sure how he would react to being set loose on a whole cake. I’ve often seen pictures of other babies face planting their entire cake and grabbing big handfuls, but Louie was a lot more cautious. He poked it a bit with his adorable chubby hands, and then seemed concerned about having so much icing on his fingers. In the end we gave him a spoon then he seemed a bit happier!

Last of all, it was time for a bubble bath to wash away the icing and crumbs and to take the last few photos.

Overall it was a great experience. The photographer was brilliant and worked really hard all the way through to get Louie to laugh and smile, which was no easy task as he was teething and hadn’t slept well the night before!

If you are considering getting a Cake (or fruit) Smash for your little one’s birthday I’d definitely recommend it!

family photography

cake smash
pastel blue cake smash
cake smash
cake smash and splash baby photos

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