Christmas at Inspirations Wholesale

Last Wednesday evening I was invited to Inspirations Wholesale for a preview of their Christmas decorations. I know some people are a little outraged at the thought of Christmas in September, but I absolutely love it. The longer I can drag out the festivities the better!

Inspirations is a large homeware store based in Bromborough, Wirral and I have been a regular visitor since my mother in law introduced me to it a few years ago. You need to be a member to shop there, but membership is free and you can just sign up when you visit. All prices are given without VAT, which is ideal for VAT registered businesses.

I went along with three of my friends and we spent nearly two hours wandering round admiring all the beautiful displays.

They set all their Christmas decorations out in themes, which is great as it makes it super easy to grab a load of coordinating decorations. There is SO MUCH CHOICE! It made me wish I had a bigger house so I could have several differently themed trees. Maybe one day 😉

Here are some of my favourite displays:

White Christmas tree Christmas at Inspirations Traditional Christmas tree Christmas at Inspirations Pink and rose gold Christmas tree

Beautiful white Christmas treepink christmas decorations

Can you even cope with how beautiful it all is?! I certainly can’t.

I would have bought half the shop if I could but unfortunately my bank balance didn’t allow it (part time working mum problems), so I settled on a selection of pretty baubles to add to last years collection.

My choice of Christmas decorations:

As well as Christmas decorations, they have a range of Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and non festive home decor. They also have an incredible artificial flower department. My friend got all her wedding flowers from there and they looked amazing in the wedding photos. I didn’t actually realise they were fake til she told me last Wednesday!

Obviously outside of the festive period they have a much bigger collection of general homewares.

Here’s a few pics of the stuff they had in when I went:

Wedding flowers

If you are ever in the Wirral/Chester/Merseyside area, I would 100% recommend heading down to Inspirations to check it out!

If you are unable to travel there don’t worry, they do also have a website and you can buy from them online.

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