Preparing My Home for Christmas

There are two times of year that are guaranteed to give me the cleaning and organising bug – Spring, and the run up to Christmas.

We have several birthdays in our family in November/December including my OH, my son, My grandma and my brother, each a week or so apart. Then as soon as they’re done it’s straight into a rapid cycle of Christmas related activities! So as you can imagine things are pretty hectic for about six weeks in a row.

Each year before the happy chaos ensues I try to give our house a good sort out, getting rid of old and broken things and working out if we need anything new. We tend to do a lot of entertaining at ours, and I like to have the house tidy and organised in advance so that when everyone arrives I can focus on having fun.

This year I’ve teamed up with Argos Home to share with you my winter sort out, and my top tips for giving your guests the impression that you’ve got the whole domestic goddess thing well and truly nailed!

1. The Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it certainly is in my house. When I have people round everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen to eat, chat, and make endless cups of tea (with perhaps the odd glass of Prosecco on the side).

With so much time spent around the table, i was desperate for some new dinnerware. It’s been a few years since we bought any new, our last 2 sets were poor quality and due to inevitable breakages and wear and tear we’d been left with a mismatched collection of chipped and scratched plates and bowls. This autumn my priority was to replace it all with a large plain set, which we could use for years to come regardless of my kitchen decor and colour scheme.

The Argos Home everyday luxury porcelain 12 piece dinner set was exactly what I’d been looking for. I love it’s clean, simple style and the way the plates are flat with a vertical rim around the edge. Also, it’s properly white, rather than cream or off white which was a must. Plus it stacks so perfectly the cupboard! I ordered 2 sets in order to be able to lay each place at my dining table when it is extended.

Next on my hit list was drinking glasses. Basically for the same reason as the crockery, we were down to our last few mismatched glasses which looked rubbish on the table. With the Argos Home 12 piece glassware set I didn’t have to compromise quality for price, and the simple rounded shapes go perfectly with my new dinner set.

My knife block was literally falling apart, and I recently had to bin a couple of the knives as the handles fell clean off. So I replaced it with this absolute beauty. Is it possible to fall in love with a knife block? Because based on how I felt when I opened it I think it might be.

And the last but absolutely not least item for the kitchen was…. an indoor recycling bin! Call me boring but I am literally obsessed with this. We seem to build up an insane amount of recyclable packaging each day, even more so at this time of year, and it used to just pile up on the side looking messy until one of use gave in and took it out. Now we can put it neatly in here, hidden away in the utility room. Each compartment can be lifted out easily when it’s ready to be emptied.

Top Tips:

  • Plain white crockery will go with any decor style, and won’t look dated when fashions change
  • A good waste storage solution will help with recycling all that Christmas packaging!


When guests are staying over, providing comfy bedding is a must. I like to use crisp white sheets, then accessorise with cushions or throws as required.

This white waffle bedding is ideal as it looks gorgeous and the waffle side doesn’t crease, which means you don’t need to waste time ironing it!

I’ve added a festive wintery feel with this beautiful deer cushion, mini artificial Christmas tree, and this unbelievably soft white faux fur throw, which I just had to have after spotting it in Olivia’s home over at Lust Living.

The addition of my beautiful new dusky pink Alanna chair has finished off my dressing area perfectly, and I can now sit comfortably whilst getting ready. Just in time for Christmas party season!

Top Tips

  • Crisp white bed sheets provide the perfect base for a cosy bed set up at any time of year
  • Accessorise with cushions and throws to fit the season and colour scheme

Christmas Decor

I don’t tend to buy all new Christmas decs each year, as I feel that would be a bit wasteful and also very expensive! Instead I give them a good sort out, and buy a few little extras to add to my collection.

New additions this year include this light up star wreath, which is giving me all the white company vibes at a fraction of the price.

This rustic wooden stag is beautifully detailed and looks great on a shelf, sideboard, or as part of a table centrepiece.

Top Tips:

  • Sort your Christmas decs each year to help prevent a huge disorganised collection from building up
  • Choose neutral styles that will last year after year, and add a few statement pieces

Posted in collaboration with Argos Home, who gifted me these gorgeous pieces.

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